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After more than a decade lost to the musical wilderness, The Chapman Society returns with a new recording entitled “Real”

Why this? Why now?

The world is a very different place from where we left it. There appears to be a shared wave of social anxiety with people questioning anything from their genetic makeup to their perceived role in a modern world which seemingly has become obsessed with each person ironically putting themselves front and center of their individual social universe.

It has become offensive to be “normal” yet strangely equally as offensive to be “different”.  It is getting to a point where having a different perspective, or viewpoint can lead to dismissal or cancellation. We simply shut down and remove the things around us we do not agree with. This mindset unfortunately breeds ignorance, which is in itself, voluntary misfortune.

The world has historically been mostly an unfair and unpleasant place. Social exclusion isn’t exactly a new idea and finding one’s way has been part and parcel of the hard graft that many generations have endured that have come before.


More importantly, where the fuck are all the guitar bands? We come from a time when music was not simply a passing trend, but rather an absolute obsession. Studying the dynamics of a band, the lead singer’s lyrics and movement, the intricate guitar parts, what shoes they wore and their hair styling, etc. was a rite of passage and we wouldn’t dare swipe left, even if it were possible.

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